Message from a Horse – Hearing your horse’s call

A horse I met once popped in my head today.. I have no idea why, but I thought I’d share the story…

When I met this horse she had been aggressive towards her trainer. She had been staying at the trainer’s place for some time and her aggression had increased every day. When I saw how she showed a strong anger towards the trainer and at the same time expressed an immense love and sadness to her human, I understood what this mare was explicitly telling me. She wanted me to tell her human what was going on. Honestly it was not really my place to tell this, because I was tagging along with another horse trainer, but since this horse was so expressing her call for help, I gave in… I explained to her human that she wanted to go home. I told what I observed in the interaction with both persons.

The mare wasn’t brought home right away. I do not know why, but I felt I did my part and time would show. One night this mare showed up when I went to bed and she asked me again to do something about the situation… I told her I couldn’t, that it was out of my hands. I explained to her I already informed her human about my observation of her message and that her human might listen when she would express herself even more clearly. The day after she had been even more aggressive and they moved her back home.

They had started working with the other trainer that would guide the trainer that was attacked, but the big shift came when she moved back home. She settled down.

When horses are heard they don’t need to be as extreme in their call. Horses are very cooperative beings. When they do not cooperate anymore something is up that is worth investigating.

With love

Helena Sidiropoulos

Message from your horse


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