Consciousness is the continuous being and becoming of everything and nothing.  You as a soul in your human expression have chosen some experiences. You will pull in these experiences in your human expression that is your life, because it was your own free will and choice to have these experiences when you decided to incarnate […]

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You are always on your path

-A Crystal Soul Reading- I see multiple possible realities and in the center there is this core energy that is very strong, it feels like a magnet that pulls all the ‘right’ experiences in And then you appear, as your human form  And then I feel hurt and it feels stuck and I see just […]

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These messages are a service parallel to the Healings and Soul Guidance for all human beings who resonate with them. Crystal Soul Readings, Messages through my Inner Being, through Nature and my three Horses are here for all of us to contribute to everyone’s healing journey in self love.

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