Stone and Crystal Messages for Healing

The language of the stones and crystals is a combination of symbolic language, actual facts, future and past experiences and lives scenes and settings, metaphors and actual energy and more – 5 different Crystal Mini Soul Readings – H. your message for healing in a fairy quartz 💗 I see you as a turtle. The […]

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The dark is the unknown the unseen. It is not fear in itself, but it can cause fear. – A crystal soul reading excerpt – 

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I just received a really beautiful meditation/healing. It is helpful when you are feeling less, hard on yourself and incomplete. Sit, be still, silent. Close your eyes and go to your happy space (your inner child knows it). You are a child, a little girl (or boy), and you are playing in your magnificent world. […]

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Full Wolf Moon

It’s always such a joy to feel the full moon coming in… I can feel the love of my guides so strongly and I do hope you can too. Did you know that your guides have no opinion about the choices you make? They see you and they trust that all will be well (these […]

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The North Star

All relationships are aiding us. They bring you either closer or further away from your Self. And in their essence are serving you, always, as a way to find your Inner Being. But it is not always clear when a relationship is unhealthy and disconnects you from your self; when you are projecting your fears onto […]

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The Bright Mother

My horses are eating and I stand there in the dark waiting. I have to protect my mare’s food from the other horses. I am waiting and gazing and flipping through my imaginary diary of events.  I realised a pattern has been reoccurring in my life. Similar responses in my behaviour and emotions to similar […]

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Healing with horses

When we heal together with my horses we plunge into the issue as far and deep as we can, to transform and heal it in the root. Sometimes through regression, sometimes by shifting perspectives, by opening blocks, by exploring possibilities, by laughing our ass off and sometimes by giving space to our tears… and always […]

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Life is lining up for you and when you accept, your dream spirals into manifestation 🐋  (excerpt from a healing session with horses)

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Full Cold Moon

The full cold moon brings us peace, a smile with great love and understanding.  We are brought to our center and may connect with something larger than our human selves, not spirit but rather our human collective as a whole… While going within, we go without and connect with compassion with our fellow residents on […]

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These messages are a service parallel to the Healings and Soul Guidance for all human beings who resonate with them. Crystal and Stone Readings, Messages through my Inner Being, through Nature and my three Horses are here for all of us to contribute to everyone’s healing journey in self love.

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