Horses are intelligent and sensitive beings. Like any living being they evolve. Equine herd dynamics are way more complex than often described by humans and horses are more than mere prey animals. They are no object, machine nor mirror. It just feels unwise to put them in a box.

I discovered that the more open we are, the more interesting and unforeseen answers will come our way. I invite you to open up and step into the realm of horses ❤️

My three horses have very different abilities. I am tempted to write down what they each mean to me or how I experience their strengths and challenges, but I think this might influence your experience and possibilities of perception. But to give you an idea, they are amazing, powerful, spiritual beings.

I work together with them on the ground and in freedom. This way they can very clearly express their communication and what they say becomes clearly visible to you.

They are at a point in their lives that they are balanced and strong. I strongly believe that horses need to be balanced enough before people work with them in therapy, coaching or healing sessions.

I got the idea to ask them to introduce themselves to you. So here we go

I am Shamala. I am curious about this question and satisfied. Inside I am young and playful. I am ancient and wise and I go very very deep and I take you with me all the way into the earth. Transformation awaits you. And then a lightness will overflow your entire being. I am love.

I am Amal. Son of Shamala. Sun. POWER resides within me and it bursts out like a volcano. If you dare to let me in I will spiral from within and clear the darkness within. Then comes peace and my loving sweet heart will soothe your heart. Tears will flow and hurt will pass. I am tenderness.

I am Lupe. Lupe of the light. Lupe Moon. I enter your mind and I purify the dark thoughts in your head. I feel like a massive wave that crashes into your shore. I breathe into you and blow it out. Clearing and then comes peace. Stilness. You feel your Higher being within. I am

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