Working with the Shadow – 3 day Training*


Early bird price until 21/12

*390 euro for recurrent clients of healing sessions and workshops with horses

Sundays 16/01, 30/01, 06/02



Three day training for healers and self healers where we will work with our shadow selves.


Everyone has a shadow self and when we work with it it’s gifts and potential is revealed, because we each have our own unique shadow self. Shadow work is different from a Dark Night of the Soul. The Dark Night is instigated by Soul and throws a person into a rollercoaster where she/he will shed all (false) identity and renew from within, true to your Inner Being. It cannot be steered, only undergone. Shadow work is where we as humans and (self)healers are able to help ourselves and replace old patterns where we boycot ourselves, where we are triggered and hurt, it is the harnas we felt we had to create and wear in order to ‘survive’ that we no longer need when we have healed. We are bringing denied, unseen and hidden parts of ourselves back home and so bring our full potential into light.

Make a deeper connection with yourself and become more whole. And facilitate this healing process for others.

In this training we will work with different ways of Soul and Energy Healing, Shamanic Journeying and Constellation work with Horses.

Every participant will get a chance to dive into his/her shadow when we journey within, guided by myself, Gaia and my three horses. Participants will be encouraged and guided to facilitate healing for others during this training.

You are welcome to address certain difficulties you bump into in your own energy work.

This workshop is about breaking patterns, shifting perspectives, clearing and cleansing energy, forgiveness and empathy. sharing, healing and above all love.


  • We work outside in and with nature.
  • Places to participate are limited for safety reasons and for the most beneficial guidance (3-7)
  • 11.30-16u (with a 30 min break)
  • Three Sundays 16/01, 30/01, 06/02 2022
  • light snack and beverage included
  • We work next to the horse, on the ground and in freedom.
  • Invoice states: Coaching – Equine Assisted 3 day Training ’22
  • Prices are VAT/BTW incl.
  • Early bird price until 21/12
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