Crystal Constellation and Energy Reading


Soul Guidance with Crystal Beings

-video call or session at my home-



Crystals each have their own radiation and unique vibration. These beautiful and ancient stones are a part of Mother earth. And represent aspects of Gaia’s energy. They can be your guides.

In these sessions they work with me and act as a channel through which our guides show information.

They can mirror your energy and the emotions and thoughts surrounding your situation. They clarify and help you understand your experience. And may offer advice how to deal with it and transform it.

Each reading is uniquely designed for you and depends on your specific question, which we together clarify in the beginning of the session. Crystal Readings focus primarily on the here and now.

After payment I email you to find a date and time that works for the both of us. Sessions can be performed in English or Dutch. +/- One hour video call session or session at my home. (Please make a bit more room in your schedule in case it takes a bit longer)

If you would like to combine a Crystal Reading and Healing with Horses : Crystal Horse

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