Constellation and Energy Reading


– 1,5 h video call –



In this session crystal and stone beings work with me and act as a portal through which I am shown information by our guides. I may be shown the energy, relevant thoughts and emotions of yourself and the persons and elements involved in the situation. The constellation and energy reading clarifies and helps you understand your experience. Advice on how to deal with possible conflicts and connections may be offered and if possible transformed.


Each reading is uniquely designed for you and depends on your specific question, which we together clarify in the beginning of the session. When I feel it would contribute to the reading I may use other additional energy and healing practices.


Constellation and Energy Readings bring awareness and can bring healing in relationship issues in your romantic life, family system and other networks in your professional and social life. This type of reading intends to facilitate healing and clarity so you are able to tap into your power, self love, forgiveness, ability to create and flow.


These readings are a good choice when you experience a specific issue; a specific conflict or connection you would like to look into;  dynamics you cannot put your finger on or other patterns that (repeatedly) take place in your life.


After payment I email you to find a date and time that works for the both of us or you may contact me beforehand through the contact page and I will send you an invoice (notation = Coaching).

Sessions can be performed in English or Dutch (Nederlands).
+/- One and half hour video call session or session at my home. (At the moment only video calls)


Deepen a Constellation and Energy Reading and connect, heal and align with your Natural Self with the support of my horses and myself in a Healing with horses session > Crystals and Horses Combine the two sessions in one booking or book a session within a month after the first session and receive a discount of 15 euro (incl VAT), discount also applies for Couple session (please contact me before you book).

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