Healing with horses – for children (child-parent)


Children from birth with parent(s)


This session (1,5u) is both an introduction as well as a healing session (child – parent). The horses will respond to the energy surrounding the family and child in particular and will bring up an issue that is of relevance. The interaction may look chaotic or strange and may look even non harmonious, but it nevertheless is meant to progress toward inner harmony and balance (healing).


I take along the healing question from the parents, but know the sessions will develop according to your child’s and his soul’s intention that may or may not be in alignment with your parental need. If needed we can facilitate healing for you in another equine facilitated session especially for you. ❤️


Thus every session is unique. The age of the child plays a role in how interactive the session is with our herd (physically). Through my intuitive skills a setting for the session will be suggested by our guides and from there we will be guided in our progress. It could be that we work only with mother or father or both parents… This choice is made intuitively and is what is most healing for your child. If you would like to know this before you make your appointment, please contact me first.


After this session we get in touch with each other to see whether it is of value to start a longer healing trajectory with your child alone. It is possible that your child is not ready to address a certain issue and needs more time to sit with it. Knowing this information can alleviate the issue too. Or it is also possible that a single session with our herd was enough to continue a path elsewhere. Or the session may show that it is not the child, but maybe one of the parents that plays a major role in the healing process… This will become visible during this session and I will give you my feedback afterwards.


It is recommended to do a crystal reading beforehand. In this reading I look into your child and family in relation to your healing question. This reading will also give you the opportunity to express your concerns so we can make more room for your child and your intuition during the healing session with horses.


All sessions are next to the horse on the ground. (no riding) And focus on connecting with horses and through this connection, connecting with your own Inner Being.


The main goal for all children and parents is to connect with their inner power and natural loving self, so they feel better about themselves, they feel seen and feel they are not alone.


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