Healing with horses for children (individual)


age: +7 to 14 years


This session (+/-1u + introduction, the first session) is an individual healing session for your child. These sessions are meant for children from 7 to the age of 14. The session starts with a short introduction to the horses (parents can stay for this first intro) and then we continue individually with a healing wish from your child. I work intuitively and in connection with my horses, this is why these sessions progress uniquely in relation to each client.


All sessions are next to the horse on the ground (no riding) and focus on connecting with horses in creative and other ways that stimulate the senses in your child. These stimuli intend to open your child up to their deeper core (grounding), heart space and intuition. When your child then connects with my horses she/he  connects with her/his own Inner Being.


The main goal for all children is to (re)connect with their natural loving self in a playful, relaxed manner and feel accepted and loved for who they are. This connection will initiate a healing process. My horses and I create and hold a space in which they are able to reconnect and feel what is there.




Before the session takes place I contact you through phone to get a sense of the situation you are in or you can have a systemic reading beforehand. In this reading I look into your child and the situation in relation to your question for healing. This reading will also give you the opportunity to express your concerns. More info, click on this link: Crystal Constellation and Energy Reading


Sessions take place outside in a pasture, it is important to wear clothing according to the temperature, that may get dirty and rain boots. Location Wommelgem/Vremde (Antwerp) Belgium. (reached by car)

It may be recommended to start a longer trajectory with us, from the second session onward the price for a one hour session for your child is 75 euro. Limited places.

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