Healing with horses for children (one parent as guide)


age: +7 to 18 years


This session ( +/-1u30 incl intro) is a healing session for your child. These sessions are meant for children from 7 to the age of 18 years old. The session starts with a short introduction to the horses and then we continue with a healing wish from your child. I work intuitively and in connection with my horses, this is why these sessions progress uniquely in relation to each client.


  • One parent or guardian is asked to act as a guide during this session. This means that as a guide you are present, although more on the sideline. We ask you to keep your perception of the story of what your child is going through to yourself. The parent as guide is asked to help to translate, help clarify or be a safe “place” when the child needs this comfort. It is not an easy task, however we do believe it it possible and have seen it.


  • We ask also that parents of children younger than the age of 14 have a healing with horses session on their own, before the session with the child takes place. The reason for this is that your child will feel that you are more relaxed and have an idea of what might come, this will enable your son or daughter to trust the process more and open up more easily. You will also understand better what we do here and how we work, because you have experienced it first hand. And if you have concerns regarding your son or daughter you have had your time to really speak about this without affecting your child directly.


  • We also ask that you inform your child about this session and let them choose whether or not they would like to come.
  • Youngsters of 14-18 years old can choose to come alone or with one parent as guide. We recommend that parents have an individual healing with horses session.


All sessions are next to the horse on the ground (no riding) and focus on connecting with horses. When your child connects with my horses she/he connects with her/his own Inner Being.


The main goal for all children is to (re)connect with their natural loving self in a playful, relaxed manner and feel accepted and loved for who they are. This connection will initiate a healing process. My horses and I create and hold a space in which they are able to reconnect and feel what is present.




You can have a systemic reading before the session takes place. In this reading I look into your child and the situation in relation to your question for healing. This reading will also give you the opportunity to express your concerns. More info, click on this link: Crystal Constellation and Energy Reading


Sessions with horses take place outside in a pasture, it is important to wear clothing according to the temperature, that may get dirty and rain boots. Location Wommelgem/Vremde (Antwerp) Belgium. (reached by car)

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