Healing with horses



I work with my herd according to a self-developed way of working that bridges the principles of equitherapy and soul energy work. Equitherapy provides insight into oneself with the help of horses. And through channeling your soul energy my horses and I bring you back in connection with your Self. We support you to allow your soul energy to flow into your energy body and so release and heal.


Every session is unique. We work next to the horse, on the ground and in freedom. Outside in a pasture. Location Wommelgem/Vremde (Antwerp) Belgium.

After your payment I will e-mail you and we can set together a date for your appointment.


Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems



Two Sessions: Crystals and Horses

The combination of both a reading and healing with horses give clients the possibility to explore more in depth what is surfacing during the sessions. In the first session (Crystal Constellation and Energy Reading) we will uncover relevant factors, energies, obstacles, support in your current situation that may or may not be in the clients awareness. In the second session (Healing with Horses) we will go further in a direction that surfaced strongly for the client, for instance self love, soul mission, relationships, self worth…

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