Soul and Energy Reading & Healing


– 1,5h video call –



In this session I look into your being with a single crystal or stone. These Soul and Energy readings focus on healing and will offer us the guidance to restore balance. We may be shown where the block is located, then I will channel Soul Energy to your block and this healing soul energy will open you for your Inner Being’s love and guidance. Healing Soul Energy will have more effect when you are able to open up; sometimes a soul wound is rooted very deep that it will take time and more healing to really heal something. This is very natural because we have had many lifetimes in a human expression before this one. When a recurrent theme becomes visible and a layer is ready to be healed it is one step closer to wholeness.


This session will also realign you with your Self when you want to flow again and create the abundance and attract the reality you would like to experience. Because you are connected with your Inner Being you will be able to receive the inspiring messages your Self has for you along your way and opportunities will present themselves to you. Doors will become visible and people will approach you to help you create the reality that you want in your life.


When I feel it would contribute to the reading/healing I may combine it with other energy and healing practices.

Find examples of Crystal and Stone Soul Readings here: Stone and Crystal Messages for Healing


After payment I email you to find a date and time that works for the both of us or you may contact me beforehand through the contact page and I will send you an invoice (notation = Coaching). Sessions can be performed in English or Dutch (Nederlands). +/- One and half hour video call session or session at my home. (Our Covid 19 measures: At the moment only video calls)


A healing session with horses deepens this type of healing session, for instance to integrate your Inner Being more and explore possibilities or for further healing amongst and with my horses… It is coming home into your natural loving self. Combine the two sessions in one booking or book a session with a month after the first session and receive a discount of 15 euro (incl VAT): Crystals and Horses

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