Healing Journey with Horses : Self Love

Autumn 2021 : Alchemy, Transformation and Dragon Energy

This Healing Journey is about supporting yourself as well as stepping up and supporting others in their healing process. It is for people who have an affinity with soul- and energy healing and feel they have a connection with horses.

During this healing journey we will work with your individual soul’s intention to heal and meet five aspects of Self. Self love is about loving all of who you are. We will uncover some hidden, unseen and forsaken parts and we will embrace our divinity, consciousness and everpresent self. We are bringing it all together in the loving energy of the herd. 

It is recommended to have an indivdual healing session before the journey begins.

Weave your divine consciousness into your human experience

One Season of Healing

  • Heal through guided meditations, horse communication & connection, shamanic and tantric practices in 5 MODULES
  • Keep track of your journey in a JOURNAL and reflect in group
  • Dive into your core issue with the whole group through a CONSTELLATION with HORSES
  • Receive a MESSAGE from your guides through the CRYSTALS or STONES
  • Connect deeply and grow intensely with a SMALL GROUP of kindred Spirits


  • Who you are
  • Wounded Healer
  • Divine Celestial Origin
  • Magical Heart Child
  • Conscious Creator


  • 03 October 2021
  • 17 October 2021
  • 31 October 2021
  • 14 November 2021
  • 28 November 2021

MODULE 1 – Who you Are

This first module is about finding out who you are as a human being, as a soul and as a tribe. We will open the door to a field of consciousness where your soul records are stored. You will be guided to tap into your soul records where you will meet an essential aspect of yourself; aspects of your essence that have specific traits and characteristics relevant to your healing journey. Who are you? And why have you incarnated in this lifetime? This first module is about soul connections: with your Self, with Gaia, the Horses and each other. You may discover that you know the other participants from previous lifetimes and existences. You have all decided to walk this journey together. You will actively work with your soul throughout this entire journey.

MODULE 2 – Wounded Healer

This second module is about your soul wound; the biggest wound you are carrying with you and which is active throughout your human experience. We will dive as deep as we can into this wound and will discover that there is more to it than meets the eye. Your soul wound has unfolded itself into your reality with certain relationship dynamics and a repeated pattern so you would be able to experience it and heal it. In this module we will move beyond the unfolding and dive into the core of the wound. Where does it come from? Why did you have these experiences? And what is this wound bringing you? What is the hidden treasure? I am shown that we will reveal some very ugly and dark parts that reside in the underworld, the subconscious. I am shown circles of powerful healing where you will hold one another in softness and will be held by us. This will be a shamanic experience so bring your drum, rattle, crystals, stones and bells if you have them. I also see us all as a part of Gaia, the Earth experience, and how we will light up some powerplaces through our healing. My horses will reside in the blue energy of softness and healing through this experience.

MODULE 3 – Divine Celestial Origin

In this module we will reconnect with our divine celestial self. You will discover the divine feminine and the divine masculine within yourself. These two streams of energy spiral through your being and are the essence of who you are. These streams of energy are also connected with our ancestors. Those of your lineage that have come before you are part of those streams of consciousness and flow through your being. I am shown we will go through a portal and travel through the universe with our astral bodies. We become our star selves and feel how we are part of the fabric of the universe. I see your heart becoming lighter and experience ecstatic pleasure as you travel and feel you are not alone. You will feel you are your own support team and they are you. You will feel that you are a part of something bigger. You will feel you are All that is. You are divine. I see that as we meditate the horses are around us and guiding us on our way.

MODULE 4 – Magical Heart Child

This fourth module is about your dreams. Your heart’s desire, what your pure and innocent self wants to experience. You will reconnect with your playful inner child, who is connected to fairies and nature. We will be supported and guided by Pan and Mother Nature who dances. Often responsibilities, pressure and expectations from others have troubled our inner dreams. Adults wanted to shape you as a child and this has had its effect on you. We will receive clarity and remember what we really want for ourselves: what makes us happy. What is this human experience about for you? We will go back into believing. What might have been forever lost will, with renewed hope and belief, become again possible. Through your connection with my horses you will be pulled into your heart space and feel your inner child.

MODULE 5 – Conscious Creator

This last module is about creating your heart’s desire and the integration of your journey. I see you standing in a vortex, calling in energies and creating. We are bringing it all together. The key to creation is the combination of both masculine and feminine energy in flow, an alignment with soul with a strong heart’s desire and the openness to accept it and let it in. This is what we will work with in this final module.

We will end the Healing Journey with an integration where aspects of your process will get a place and are anchored in your being and Gaia, thanking all.

After every module you are able to fade out of the energy of the explored theme and will be asked to fade in onto the next theme/module by exploring and preparing yourself for the next theme’s healing excercise. The preparation excercise will be given the beginning of the week before the module takes place. You will notice that your soul will be guiding you through events that take place, the responses of people in your life, your dreams, your visions and the information you will find on your soul searchings

Some impressions of the Summer Season Healing Journey with Horses 2021

You will be asked to keep a journal to write down the information you have received during the overall period in which the Healing Journey with Horses takes place, documenting your dreams, messages in nature, insights, memories, visions and more.

This will enable you to get a view of your personal growth, a tool to remember for the future and because you focus you will intensify the healing journey even more. You will speed it up.

Every session we will take time to reflect about your insights and evolution.


Healing Sundays
03 October, 17 October, 31 October, 14 November & 28 November
11.30-17u (30min break) – arrive at 11.15
max 6 participants
(for the most in depth healing and guidance)
including light snack + beverage
650 euro* (incl.VAT) / person
* 5% discount for recurring clients
* it is possible to pay in 3 parts: 225 euro/month (Oct,Nov,Dec ’21)

-outside in a pasture under an open sky-
Wommelgem/Vremde (Antwerp, Belgium)
best reached by car / bus 420 + 15min walk

4 places left

Deze healing journey met paarden verloopt in het nederlands

Once you have signed up for the Healing Journey you will receive an email from us with our bank account details and more information.

Vermelding op factuur: Coaching – Equine assisted Fall Program

Every participant will get a chance during this Healing Journey to explore their individual intent in a group Constellation with Horses

Healing Journey with Horses – Summer ’21

What people gain from participating in the Healing Journey with Horses

  • You will awaken to your Inner Being and the guidance on your path will become clearer.
  • You will unlock your wisdom, access your inner knowing and open up to your full potential.
  • You will gain a better understanding of your path.
  • With every step in this journey you are choosing You : your heart, your soul, your wisdom, your healing
  • You will experience deep soul healing, love is the energy we work with, this may happen gradually or in sudden shifts, all in your own time throughout the Journey.
  • You will feel togetherness, heart and spirit connections, you will feel more at home.

What people say about Helena and her three magical horses

“Een ervaring verwoorden die je vooral voelt, niet simpel. Het gevoel doet zoveel meer dan de woorden die ik hier neerschrijf …  De healing met Helena in samenwerking met haar drie paarden was voor mij een enorme aangename ervaring waar ik nog steeds in het dagelijks leven veel aan heb. Het heeft me bewust gemaakt […]

Healing with Horses session for Laura

“I feel empowered” Veerle Huygen

Soul and Energy Healing session for Veerle

“As she held me tight and told me to surrender and to believe, that feeling never seemed to stop. As if this wasn’t enough we were suddenly guided and surrounded by the three horses and one came slowly by, touched my soul, kept me warm… No words to say the way love was so easy […]

Healing with Horses session for Sandra

“Gisteren kreeg ik via zoom een hele diepe en deugd doende healing en reading van Helena. Ondanks de fysieke afstand en de technologische tussenkomst voelde het toch alsof ze naast me zat en bij me was. Ik werd bij iedere stap van de meditatie heel goed begeleid door haar en kon echt voelen dat ze […]

Soul and Energy Healing session for Peter

“Wat een mooie reis heb ik mogen maken met Helena en haar prachtige paarden als gidsen. Samen zijn we op zoek gegaan naar mijn goddelijke kracht, die ik samen met haar al deels vond in mijn ‘ik wil’. Het was een reis die me heeft bewogen en een poort meer in mezelf heeft opengezet. Ik […]

Healing with Horses session for Lotte

“Dag lieve Helena, ik wil je nog even nadrukkelijk bedanken voor de reis die we deze week met je mochten maken. We hebben er alletwee ontzettend veel aan gehad. Alles is zoveel helderder en lichter geworden. Ontzettend bedankt. Je hebt een erg bijzondere gave. Ik ben blij dat onze wegen elkaar kruisen. We gaan elkaar […]

Healing with Horses for Couples

“De intentie in mijn coachingsessie was helderheid brengen. En er is op 2 uur – met Helena en haar 3 paarden – helderheid gebracht op elk vlak in mijn leven; zijnde gezondheid, relatie, werk en overtuigingen. Ook al leek het op het moment zelf wat chaotisch, die helderheid is er echt doorgekomen. Geen enkel punt […]

Healing with Horses session for Julie

“Zo krachtig, zo mooi … nog nooit zoiets meegemaakt. Dankje ❤️” Stephanie

Healing with horses for a small group

Hi, I am Helena and I work with my three horses and the crystal and stone beings to give you the possibility to connect with your own natural self, your inner wisdom and guidance. I have seen that when we lovingly embrace ourselves and heal, we are able to attract more love in our lives. It gives me great pleasure when I see people’s inner being radiating through their eyes after a healing session. The Healing Journey with Horses will give you the possibility to heal intensely over a longer period of time with kindred spirits. I am so happy that you have found your way here. 🤍 Welcome

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