Horses reveal authentic, hidden feelings.
They visualise what is present underneath without any judgement.
They perceive and may highlight blocks in your energy system.
And they communicate from their Inner Being.

Horses give messages on many levels to all who listens

* Do you want to express your inner being more into this world?

* Do you want to feel more loved and whole?

* Do you want to feel more powerful and creative in your life?

* Or do you want to explore your soul and consciousness?

My horses and I guide you along your way

Equine Assisted Healing Session

Personal, Spiritual & Relationship Healing and Growth

I work with my herd according to a self-developed way of working that bridges the principles of Equitherapy, more specifically a Systemic approach, Soul Energy Work and Shamanism. Equitherapy provides insight into oneself with the help of horses. And through channeling your Soul energy my horses and I bring you back in connection with your Inner Being. We support you to allow your Soul energy to flow into your energy body and so release and heal. The healing sounds of the drum beating and my voice chanting intensify the healing experience and take you deeper into Gaia and your connection with All that Is.

Every session is unique. We work next to the horse, on the ground and in freedom. The sessions take place outside in a pasture.

Please contact a licensed psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other mental health expert in case of mental health problems.

When we heal together with my horses we plunge into the issue as far and deep as we can, to transform and heal it in the root. Sometimes through regression, sometimes by shifting perspectives, by opening blocks, by exploring possibilities, by laughing our ass off and sometimes by giving space to our tears… and always with love

“For those who look for healing, for a greater understanding, to break patterns that hold them from shining, for those who want to return to their soul essence and understand their place in the great web of life.. Helena and her horses are there to guide you! 🤍”
Sophie Stefens (Medium & friend)

Reconnect with your Natural loving Self

for romantic couples and other duo’s like co-workers, friends, siblings… who experience problems and/or want to celebrate and strengthen their connection… (+18)

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In couple sessions we are diving into one another to understand and feel into the other. From this experience it is a lot easier to come to a deeper understanding and healing.

for people who would like to bring two friends, colleagues or relatives to participate in a healing session with horses around their question or would like to explore a group theme

Private workshop

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Travel deep and far in your healing process according to what your soul shows you. Together with a small group of kindred spirits and me and my three horses.

We will cover 5 modules in 5 Sundays :
Who You Are, Wounded Healer, Divine Celestial Origin, Magical Heart Child & Conscious Creator

Fall Season 2021 (3/10 – 28/11)

Self love is about loving all of who you are. We will uncover some hidden, unseen and forsaken parts and we will embrace our divinity, consciousness and everpresent self.

Healing with horses for children

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