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Equine Assisted Therapy for the Heart and Soul

Self Love through Soul- and Energy Healing with Horses and Crystals


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“Een ervaring verwoorden die je vooral voelt, niet simpel. Het gevoel doet zoveel meer dan de woorden die ik hier neerschrijf …  De healing met Helena in samenwerking met haar drie paarden was voor mij een enorme aangename ervaring waar ik nog steeds in het dagelijks leven veel aan heb. Het heeft me bewust gemaakt […]

Healing with Horses session for Laura

“I feel empowered” Veerle Huygen

Soul and Energy Healing session for Veerle

“As she held me tight and told me to surrender and to believe, that feeling never seemed to stop. As if this wasn’t enough we were suddenly guided and surrounded by the three horses and one came slowly by, touched my soul, kept me warm… No words to say the way love was so easy […]

Healing with Horses session for Sandra

“Gisteren kreeg ik via zoom een hele diepe en deugd doende healing en reading van Helena. Ondanks de fysieke afstand en de technologische tussenkomst voelde het toch alsof ze naast me zat en bij me was. Ik werd bij iedere stap van de meditatie heel goed begeleid door haar en kon echt voelen dat ze […]

Soul and Energy Healing session for Peter

“Wat een mooie reis heb ik mogen maken met Helena en haar prachtige paarden als gidsen. Samen zijn we op zoek gegaan naar mijn goddelijke kracht, die ik samen met haar al deels vond in mijn ‘ik wil’. Het was een reis die me heeft bewogen en een poort meer in mezelf heeft opengezet. Ik […]

Healing with Horses session for Lotte

Hi, I am Helena and I work with my three horses and the crystal and stone beings to give you the possibility to connect with your own natural self, your inner wisdom and guidance. I have seen that when we lovingly embrace ourselves and heal, we are able to attract more love in our lives. It gives me great pleasure when I see people’s inner being radiating through their eyes after a healing session. I am so happy you have found your way here. 🤍Welcome

My three horses Shamala, Amal and Lupe live as natural as I can possibly keep them. They live outside on a pasture 24/7 with a winter paddock and access to stables. They get plenty of hay and/or grass. They live together in a small herd, because horses are social beings. They do not wear rugs during winter time. When horses have access to shelter and get enough food, they have a natural ability to grow a thick fur that keeps them warm. My horses have never been ridden and are not trained in any particular way. They are as pure and natural as they can be in a human environment. I have my horses with me since 2010 and in 2018 they have let me know that they were ready to do this work with and for the healing of human beings.

These writings are a service parallel to the Healings with horses and Crystal and Stone Readings from my Inner Being, my guides who work with me through Nature. You will also find many insights through excerpts of healing sessions with clients, all anonymous off course. I share these insights because they can aid others in their journey to experience more Self Love.

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In my meditation I saw thousands of horses on one side. Gathered together, all looking at a multitude of human beings. Who were standing on the other side.

In between there was a bridge.

This bridge can be experienced as a barrier for some. But it is only by crossing this barrier and by bravely letting go of your fears that you can experience true and deep connection with these beings. I saw myself standing on the side of the horses and saw how they are so much waiting for you. They hope for this connection to take place.

They are eager to connect with YOU

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