Helena and her three horses

Soul Guidance and Healing with horses & crystals

“Een ervaring verwoorden die je vooral voelt, niet simpel. Het gevoel doet zoveel meer dan de woorden die ik hier neerschrijf …  De healing met Helena in samenwerking met haar drie paarden was voor mij een enorme aangename ervaring waar ik nog steeds in het dagelijks leven veel aan heb. Het heeft me bewust gemaakt […]

Healing with horses session for Laura

“I feel empowered”

A Crystal Soul and Energy Healing session for Veerle

If you feel a strong pull or call from Gaia, I am the right person for you.

In my meditation I saw thousands of horses on one side. Gathered together, all looking at a multitude of human beings. Who were standing on the other side.

In between there was a bridge.

This bridge can be experienced as a barrier for some. But it is only by crossing this barrier and by bravely letting go of your fears that you can experience true and deep connection with these beings. I saw myself standing on the side of the horses and saw how they are so much waiting for you. They hope for this connection to take place.

They are eager to connect with YOU


I am Helena and I work with my three amazing horses and beautiful crystal and stone beings to give people the possibility to connect with their own natural self, their inner wisdom and guidance…

I also share spirit messages, short channelings and readings, for anyone who resonates with them



These channeled messages are an addition to the Healings and Soul Guidance. Horses can guide us in many ways. My horses and I have chosen to work together to enable people to (re)connect with their Natural self.

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