Soul Guidance and Healing with horses

From heart to heart, soul to soul

In 2014 I started writing down what I learned from horses. Horses for whom I performed healing sessions and readings, my own horses and at one point the Horse Spirit.

With these writings and videos it was my intention to help create more understanding, respect and love between human beings and horses. A selection is still available for you to explore.

Currently I still guide people to a better understanding and healing of their horse, themselves and their life together through equine sessions.

For people who are attracted to the wisdom and energy of horses, but have no horse of their own, I have created the Equine Assisted Healing sessions and Soul Guidance with my own three special horses. This enables anyone to access the guidance and healing spirit of the horse.


(march 2020)

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Through horses’ eyes

In my meditation I saw thousands of horses on one side. Gathered together, all looking at a multitude of human beings. Who were standing on the other side.

In between there was a bridge.

This bridge can be experienced as a barrier for some. But it is only by crossing this barrier and by bravely letting go of your fears that you can experience true and deep connection with these beings. I saw myself standing on the side of the horses and saw how they are so much waiting for you. They hope for this connection to take place.

They are eager to connect with YOU

Many of you are stepping forward out of the mass and going toward the horses.You are moving toward the bridge where you can connect with them truly. You are pioneers, you are brave, you are warriors of love

For this, they thank you

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