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Relating to others, ourselves and reality

We project when we think the other person or horse is doing something to/at us and this is not true. A projection is like a mirage. It is the core problem of almost any fight. The perception we have when we project is: “The other is the problem”   We reflect when we see responses […]

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I have come to realise that there is no “this is the one and only right path” there is only “your path IS the right path” Every experience you are experiencing is the right experience for you. If it feels off, know that you will change it.

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The little starling

A few months ago I found a little starling trapped in a tub at my pasture… He was super scared. I almost didn’t notice him because he was silent as a mouse. But somehow he drew my attention. He couldn’t fly out. So I pushed the tub on it’s side and stepped out of sight. […]

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Every time you try to get a grip on life, it will slip away. Thank heavens and earth for this, because if this weren’t true we would all be unfree. Set yourself and others free and be happy.

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