Relating to others, ourselves and reality

January 25, 2018

We project when we think the other person or horse is doing something to/at us and this is not true. A projection is like a mirage. It is the core problem of almost any fight. The perception we have when we project is: “The other is the problem”


We reflect when we see responses to our own behaviour or emotions in another one’s behaviour. Then we automatically take a look at ourselves and ask ourselves: How did I initiate this ‘dialogue’? This is a non-violent way of interacting with others. We see the other as a mirror of our inner selves.
We have the perception: “I am the problem and the solution”

With awareness comes change. It is the first step toward healing.


Sometimes there is no symbolic or hidden meaning.  Those moments when we are able to communicate truthfully and congruently with our whole being…


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